The Superior –Douglas County are has four Class I Railroads, various trucking firms, North America’s longest pipeline and Richard I Bong airport.

  • Rail (cars initiating in Douglas County) train per day, cost improvements
  • Highways/Traffic Counts
    The Wisconsin Department of Transportation website maintains a running count of the traffic counts in Douglas County for 2001 through 2010 (//
  • Air (length of local runway and small jet travel)
    The Richard I Bong Memorial Airport operated under contractual agreement, which allows for small jet travel. The terminal has two runways Runway 1 which is 5100 ft. by 75 ft., and Runway 2 which is 4000 ft. long by 75 ft.
  • Port
    Long thought of as the Great Lakes bulk cargo capital, the port of Duluth – Superior, which is shared by the respective cities, handles over 1,000 vessel visits and an average of 40 million short tons of cargo each year.