Douglas County

Superior-Douglas County is a community that fosters the growth and development of local businesses. With a growing network of local business and organizations to serve your business needs, a good environment for your employees to work and play in, and an emerging industry of local business. The area offers a lot of resources to help grow your business.

Business and tax exemptions
Local businesses benefit from three active Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) Districts that lower the cost of property taxes around areas of Superior. Businesses are evaluated on an individual basis of tax incentives and economic assistance.

Tax Credit and incentive programs in Manufacturing and R&D
Businesses involved in establishing new technologies or manufacturing processes can receive tax credit as deemed eligible by an evaluation committee.

A Customized Labor Training program also allocates grants of up to 50% the cost of training employees up to $2,500 per employee for business in new technologies.
These grants can cover costs in trainee classes, training materials and trainer costs.

Competitive worker compensation rates
The average cost of living in Superior-Douglas County is lower than the rest of the state of Wisconsin, and much lower than major cities. Your business can get access to skilled labor at a lower cost, making your production processes more efficient.

Support for organizations employment needs are available throughout the community through programs like the Wisconsin Job Service which offers low cost, customized organizational policy handbooks, job descriptions, performance-based evaluation systems, employee/management workshops and training, exit interviews, employee service and a variety of other employee support programs.

Lower electric, commercial and industrial water and sewer rates
Through partnership with local government agencies, the association can secure lower electric, commercial and industrial water and sewer rates for local businesses.

Case Study: How the Development Association helped the Kestrel Aircraft Corporation relocate to Superior
Tax incentives, loans and land for development from the city of Superior helped secure the development of a new plant employing 600 workers, and a relocation of the Kestrel headquarters to Superior. The move was secured due to a collaboration of efforts of various Development organizations that put together an incentive package of about $60 million. The move will result in a significant job growth in the area as a boost to the Superior – Douglas County community.


Investing in The Development Association is a partnership. Our investors benefit directly from our services and efforts offered, but it’s the bigger picture that gives the community strength. Every phone call, morning meeting, and “request for proposal” is a drop in a larger bucket of categorical growth. A journey defined by each step to an ever-changing destination.



Big or small, old or new, The Development Association offers services that are essential to all kinds of businesses. From addressing the needs of a single person, to rallying the community behind a larger cause, The Development Association is on the job, making sure the gears of business continue moving.